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First Article Up

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Well, I got the first article up over at Managed World. You can find it here. It's not much, but it's a start. Hopefully this means that I can continue the progress and really get this thing off the ground.

On a different note, I've made some more progress on the engine for the side scroller. I wish I had more time though. It can be kind of a pain in the butt being so overloaded at times. I'm so eager to get Managed World off the ground that I wish I could just release the entire series now.

Unfortunately, I think it's important not to rush into this. I want the articles to be of higher quality than you would find on other sites. Also, I want to completely finish the game and be able to do any optimization necessary before starting on the real articles. I don't want people to get frustrated because the articles are always changing.

Oh well, enough of this journal stuff for now. Now to get back to making progress. Enjoy!
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Hey I read your article - "Development Environment - An Overview"

Very informative, keep it up. Im going to try out the Nant tool...I didnt even know that exsisted. I thought the article was thought provoking and informative enough for a new developer to get off on the right foot.

We need more guys like you in the community, cant wait until you address some of the more advanced issues...but hey like you said "Baby Steps".

Good luck my friend,

-points up :)

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I noticed in your article that you said to avoid VSS because MS does not even use it. That statement is not true, I just finished a contract at MS and many groups inside the company do use it. Unfortunately, it does have some limitations in storage capacity that prevent it from being used on the huge projects such as major OS releases (I seriously doubt any game would take up that much room), but that does not stop the company from using it on other projects.

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