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Its coming together now...

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So i finally have some screens from my up and coming..

This is the main menu..probably will redo it but this is it for now..

And this bad boy is the early version of the main game map. It needs some tweaking (like capital cities, and mountains/other terrain types), but you get the idea.

Yeah its kick rear.


ps. the art sucks cause the programmer is the artist.

EDIT: Summary of concept..

The game is a strategy RPG. Each nation (there are three), has a leader, and one of those is chosen by you. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, and they all control some part of the fortresses. Each fortress can 'house' up to two generals with 100 troops apeice, the troop types being Warriors, Samurai, Knights, Calvary, Undead, Fairy, and Sage. Each army can be only one of the troop types, but that means that they build on each others strenghts (ex. Calvary are awesome against undead, but calvary suck against sage).

The object of the game is to 1. Protect your current kingdom, and 2. Expand your current one. The battles take place in a side-view RTS style, with you giving your whole army commands such as Defensive Formation, Offensive Formation, Melee, March Slow...about ten of them. The battles, which have 200 troops total, are only over when the general dies or when all other troops are eliminated.

The main story is still in progress as of now, but thats the jist.
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Can you add a link to the site where your hosting it? It's having a hard time showing up in the journal for me.


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