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Relaxing game development

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Here is a small video of some pre-alpha physics game play integrated over the weekend.


The last couple of weeks have been quite relaxing; Selenite has been making short work of integrating graphics int MW2, and I am confident we'll hit our release date -- which, being so close, it is time to get on the marketing ball, so I've been busy sprucing things up so we can have a strong pre-alpha gameplay video in addition to a partial intro teaser; MW2 hasn't been announced to the public yet so we want this first bang to be good.

Other than that it has just been fun weekends of adding 'cool stuff' and playing around with physics; likely a few more weeks of this and all of the maps will be nicely 'filled-out', this will probably be our alpha state, and we'll do a nice wide test of that; speaking of which, those who are interested might want to join this group, since it is where we'll partially source testers from:

The Copper Group - EDIGames Community Testing

Once we've cleaned up any alpha snafu's it's the race to a beta stage. We'll move on to finalizing all of the scripted gameplay and then its down to final character designs/animating/rendering and implementation of scripted gameplay; in addition to voice recording and integration (which Selenite makes easy).

From beta, we'll hold another large scale testing, then it's time to button it up with hopefully plenty of time for an early holiday marketing campaign.
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I don't know if it's just me, but the Navigation of the Google Groups page overlaps the content region by around 100 Pixels. Because of this the content is not really readable... (This occurs in both IE 8 and Firefox 3)

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I doesn't seem to overlap for me, though I'm currently using FireFox 2

Can anyone else confirm?

Google groups seemed like a good choice for a mailing list, but I'd also love it hear if anyone else has any suggestions?


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I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm on Google Chrome 2.0.172.

EDIT: As to other mailing lists, I've used Innercircle.cc in the past, but I can't remember if anyone can join it, or just people you add yourself. I think the latter... bit of a useless edit, isn't it?

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Original post by puz
Re: Your 7/24/09 post

I agree. Writing the GUI is a drag.

indeed it is; thus do as little of it as possible :)

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