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Did I mention how much I hate the iPhone review process lately? It's been 18 months and the 'process' still sucks. iHero has been sitting in review for about 6 weeks now. In that time I've created two additional submissions for it to enhance the game. Unfortunately I can write code faster than Apple can 'review' it. What exactly this review process is I have no idea, but it goes something like this:

  1. Submit code for review

  2. Someone at Apple opens the application with device #1 (embedded tracking code tells us this)

  3. Someone at Apple opens the application with device #2

  4. Wait three weeks with no further activity

  5. Application either gets approved (no email sent so just have to see it in the store) OR receive an email that the application has been rejected for some subjective reason, go back to step 1

I have a new application (Bass Master) and updates for both iHero and Cascade sitting in review status right now. It certainly feels like I'm in an endless cycle of waiting for Apple to do anything. And don't even try to contact them, they simply cannot be bothered. So much for weekly updates.

I've started implementing a global high score system. I was thinking I would use Java Servlets to handle this on the server side since Java is what I'm most familiar with. Anybody have any good code they can point me to for this? Preferably that uses MD5.

Or am I on the wrong track? Maybe there is an easy way to implement something that is more iPhone specific.

Here is the new Equip screen that will be added whenever the next two versions get approved. Heroes can now carry more items by equipping some of them.

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