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It's been *how* long??

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Sunday, October 10th

So we (the cast) were sitting in the trailer today between shows, and I recalled how Josh (the Joker) had mentioned last week that we had been on the show for 6 months. Six months!! That's half a year! It's so strange to look back to May 7th, when we started rehearsals. I barely knew anyone on the cast then except for my friend Jason, and sixth months later we're all such close friends it's like we met years ago, not mere months. Wow. You think of it as "just a summer thing", but you don't really realize how long that can be. So yea, that was quite a revelation.

Anyways, today was aiight. I caught up on the sleep I missed out on yesterday. I missed a gymnastics meet that my gym's Level B girl's team was competing at, but oh well - I was way too tired to get out of bed. They'll have more meets anyways.

Shows were good. Decent crowds until the last show, thanks to that god damn queue line for hayride sitting right outside our stadium. ARRRGHGH!! I'm gonna kill the idiot that put that there!! I ripped up the knuckles halfway up my two middle fingers on my right hand in the first show, so that stunk.

After the shows some of the cast went over to the house where the cast of one of the Fright Fest shows was living (a kick-ass dance show) and had a party. Wheee party! Batman vs Catwoman and Dead Man's Party hanging out. Awesome. We watched some of Dead Man's cast's demo tapes, and I realized I had to have one. If I ever get around to making it I'll be sure to post it.

Oh! Oh! Paintball again in two weeks! YEYEY!!1

Finally, I got a chance to sit down and set up VC++ Express, and convert some of my VC++ 6 projects. Upon build, however, I got an error message saying that was an invalid file. Huh? I tried and got the same messge. This is my first experience with .NET, so if they phased out the windows.h header file I don't know about it. I need to use the SYSTEMTIME struct. Anyone know what I need?

So yea... off to bed I guess. The park is open tomorrow and I'm coaching, but they need me at GA otherwise we won't have enough cast for shows. So I have to wake up early to try and get coverage for my classes so I can be at GA. I'd hate to condemn the cats to meet and greets. Those just plain suck.
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