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Weekly Sitrep

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So this has turned into more of an as-needed column than a regular weekly column of late. Just so you know.

New Daily Editor

Oli 'evolutional' Wilkinson will be standing in for Tiffany on Wednesdays for the foreseeable future. Thanks for stepping up Oli!

IGC East concert videos

Back in May I was gushing about a concert put on by the Video Games Orchestra. Well I finally got word that videos had been compiled and here are the first two:

Chrono Trigger Medley
Super Mario Bros Medley

If you have any appreciation for video game music and classical orchestra performances you will click on those links. Not only are the pieces arranged beautifully, but you can see the passion that the musicians put into the performance. I hope they release more.

Serious Sam actor lending vocal talent to the GDNet community

Head on over to this thread if you're making a game and could use some audio barks (grunts, calls, blows, etc) or some simple dialogue. John's been hit by some bad debt and is trying to spread word about his $1-word offer for voice over acting. We're helping him out by letting you all know, so help him out by giving him something to do!

New Events

I've gone through and updated some events from the first quarter of this year to their upcoming 2010 versions. As always if an event you know of isn't listed on the event calendar just let me know!
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