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VC++ 2008 Bug

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I just had a run in with an annoying bug in Visual C++ 2008 Express. The intellisense database completely broke down on me and started showing namespaces that weren't even remotely accurate. In this particular case, shown in the picture below, it replaces my project namespace cn with some obscure macro identifier found in a boost header. [headshake]

There have been other strange renames, but most are names from macros and #defines. I went through the header to see if there was some deterministic reason for this, such as if the cn lettering was redefined somewhere (that would be idiotic but it could happen), but luckily I found none. That, and the fact that VC crashed every time I tried to browse the strange namespace in the Class view, made it pretty clear that the intellisense was the culprit.

I just deleted the NCB file for the solution and as VC began to rebuild the database I thought I'd share the joke to see if anyone heard it before. [lol]
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