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I hate this part

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Game Server
Even though my MS is in Security Management I absolutely hate being the one responsible for setting up security on my own server. I would attribute this to the fact that I know all of the things that can go wrong and that could be done incorrectly. It would be far easier to be able to blame someone else when it did :-)

My server needs are currently very simple: store and manage high scores for one game. However, those won't remain my only requirements for very long and I will eventually need to manage users, game instances, scores, and player profiles that I can scale up. I'm currently considering Project Darkstar since it totes that it is a Java Game Server built for the developer that doesn't have time or expertise to do everything from scratch. So far it looks promising but I haven't heard much about it one way or the other.

Has anyone heard anything about the reliability of Project Darkstar? Are there better alternatives that I should be considering?
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