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Game 2

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Game 2, my new project, is a "fake" 3d first person shooter, similar to Doom. Though I hope for it to have better graphics and music (I will be posting in the help wanted section for a 2d artist soon) than Doom, it will probably have less features as far as gameplay. Things such as multiple levels (as in altitude, ie stairs, ledges, raising platforms, ect) adds far too many obstacles for me (auto-vertical aiming is one of them, along with many others), this is just a hobby game afterall.

Features I plan on the game having:
4 or 5 different weapons
Different types of mobs
Multiple levels
Atleast 1 boss
Doodads (with some of them being destructible)
Decent hud

Things already in the game:
Basic movement and strafing
Collision detection
A base enemy that makes it pretty trivial to add other types
Two different weapons and it will also be trivial to add more

Next things to add:
Decent hud
Ammo (and being able to run out of ammo and having to reload)
Better graphics!
Everything else.

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