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I just found the George Romero zombie movie trilogy box set (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead) for GBP25. [grin]

Gonna watch it (or at least, NotLD) tonight with a couple of friends. I think I can write it off as "Research" anyway. [wink]

Next on my zombie-culture list are the films 28 Days and 28 Days Later - it would seem that my planned high-speed zombies are more like the rage-infested zombies from those films than the slow-moving Romero ones - along with The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks. (It seems there's a second edition of that one coming out in September, which I guess I'll wait for).

I'm also working through that book of sci-fi crime stories - some of which have inspired some beautiful ideas for the cyberpunk game. Even those that haven't have been most interesting - examining futures in which everyone has the right to not be offended, or where people have electronic agents that filter the world around them to prevent information overload (but is it just filtered, or is it actually manufactured?). There's been zero traffic on U:O, but I'm pretty sure that once I've built up the design document to a significant degree, I can upload it and get the attention of the other team members. They'll still be hanging around uplinkcorp somewhere.

Soon I will be an encyclopaedia of zombie and cyberpunk information. After that, I will move on to knowledge of pirates and ninjas. Thus I shall be truly cool.
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I'm not really supposed to do anything that might be considered "hyping" it... but basically, it's an MMO version of Introversion's Uplink. I'm just designing it at the moment, after being asked to join the project by a few of the other Uplink fans; I don't have much confidence in the game every actually being developed, but it makes for a nice design excercise.

I do have a few of my own cyberpunk-themed designs that I'd like to develop as well, of course. But Uplink Online is the one that I'm "currently" on.

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Interesting, it'd be nice to see an MMO version of Uplink, I remember people talking about such as idea ages ago on the Introverstion forums, though MMOs require a hell of a lot of work, so as you say it's not too likely it'll ever get developed.

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Yeah. It's quite a fun design excersize, actually - I'm really pleased with some of the ideas I've put into it, though a little sad that they're unlikely to ever be realised. Things like how players will have to make gameplay choices before they've even bought the game. :)

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