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Entry #12.1a

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  • Random observation of the day!
    Today I was posting and the forum got screwed up. But then it fixed for me but not everyone else. So now they accused my of witchcraft hacking and so I find myself here, at the burning stake ...keyboard. Ergo, there will not be a body to this entry, as my body will soon be incinerated. Goodbye.

    ...oh wait, no it won't! Mwahaha!

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I didn't read what you just said. I just figured that this was a good place to let you know that both benryves and I are pleased.

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That marks another GameDev bug as of late. Here's a list of recent stuff:

  • You start a thread about an error message every time you post
  • The "Single word game" thread goes berserk
  • I start a thread about GameDev going down
  • Also in the single word thread, you mention a double posting thing that is happening to you. Same here.

The common factor: You and me. Yep, we were the only ones that experienced the error message when posting, we both were posting in the single word thread when it went crazy, and we were some of the few gamedevers that gamedev died on, and now the double posting thing.


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