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Untitled SENG Game: Level Editor

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This week I've been working on some updates with the level editor. Based on my experience with To The World Tree (http://www.prankster.com/ttwt), I knew that I had some issues; the level editor was slowing me down. Rather than muddle through as before, the best thing to do was to revamp the level editor now, saving valuable time in the future.

Here's a screenshot of "Layout mode", a new feature:

The features to do on my list:

  • Streamlined UI - Duh. Every fewer click I have to make is time saved.

  • Layout mode - In TTWT, I would do level layout in an image editor, and then look back and forth between the level image and the level editor as I filled in the details of the level. I may still do rough layout in an image editor, but the editor supports better layout operations.

  • Cut-and-paste - Previously, if I wanted to, say, move a room, even by one tile, I'd have to redo the whole room. Now I can just use the "move" edit operation to move things. This also helps make layout editing more convenient.

  • Skin mode - Given a level with just a raw layout, now I can select a region and apply a "skin", which fills in the proper tiles for that part of the level. Previously tile editing had to be done by hand.

  • Proper save - I'm embarrassed to admit, but the old level editor didn't actually save levels. Instead, it saved partial levels that had to be cut-and-pasted (in a text editor) into the actual level file. Easy to do once; sucky to do a hundred times.

So, I've got "Streamlined UI" almost done (just missing some keyboarding), "Layout mode" is done (see the screenshot above), and "Proper save" is done. "Cut-and-paste" and "Skin mode" are non-trivial to implement, but should be done next week. I can show you some good workflow screenshots once I have those ready.

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Original post by nerd_boy
Just because the MFC logo looks similar to yours is no reason to use it.[disturbed]

Hey, I never noticed the logo thing before!

I'm mildly peeved at MFC right now. At its best, MFC is a little easier than doing straight Win32, once you know what you're doing. However, my Visual Studio is having MFC issues right now, where some of the wizards aren't working right; I think some patch or service pack borked things. I'm not quite annoyed enough to re-install Visual Studio (which would hopefully fix the problem, but take forever), but I am definitely annoyed.

Anyways, it's only my internal level editor, so it doesn't have to look pretty. And when I don't want something to look pretty, I think MFC!


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