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Actual post!?

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Yeah, I've been a sloth lately. I decided to give that a fight today, this being a day off and therefore getting treated like all my days off; schedule a workday in front of my computer. I still go on the Internet way too often. [smile] But I did a lot of animations for the player. Plus I got caught up on a lot of other little chores (letters to send, purchases to make, chores to do). So I'm happy about that. I'm going to keep making rough animations, then adding the details later. I need to stop wasting time on renders with good lighting and anti-aliasing as much though. Should just use the rough options so the renders don't take so bloody long. I can do the final renders later. But they just look so pretty ...

So, yeah. There's that. Got a few more Bola bugs to stamp out too. But mostly I'm just running on the animation treadmill. Good thing everything else in the game doesn't need even half this many animations ...
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You have to write faster! Been over a week! How is it going with TMS? We must know!!1one and so on...


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Yeah, people keep bugging me about this. [smile] I'm just working on the player animation. I was a lazy ass last week, but this week has been better.

I'll post again when I have something worth posting. Otherwise, it's just same old same old, and who wants to read that? [smile]

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I dunno; by not making new posts, I'm starting to see who read this. Code_Dark and darkbeer, eh? Maybe I should keep it non-updated for another month. [grin]

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