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Untitled SENG Game: Level Editor

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So I finished up the updates to the level editor. Now, let me show off what it can do!

To do this, I'll show how easy it is to make a tower in a grassy field. Let me put a caveat that I don't have any real art or anything, and I don't have a full tileset to work with. (I did actually spend a bit of time getting the tiles together, but that's more because of my incompetence than anything else). Here are the tiles I'm going to work with (pictured in the level editor):

Another caveat; the level editor is an internal-only tool. As such, it should be quick and easy to use, but it's not pretty, or necessarily intuitive.

OK, here's a blank level, with the grid turned on (note that at 40x40 tiles, this level is only 100 feet across; the editor handles much larger levels but that's as big as I need for this demo):

First I'll draw in the tower area. To do this, I enter layout mode, highlight an area:

Then, one click fills in dummy tiles. I'll make an L-shaped tower (so a couple more clicks):

Now, we need walls. To do this (still in Layout mode), I highlight the whole area, select the "Wall" tool, and "Apply" then draws walls around all the tiles (notice the walls all face nicely inwards):

I'll also manually draw in a wall to split the tower into two rooms; not pictured, but only a couple of clicks.

Now, time to "skin" the tower, replacing the dummy tiles with the real tiles. Enter "Skin" mode, pick the "towerskin", highlight the whole area, and hit Apply. Voila:

Next, I use the Layout mode again to put dummy floor tiles all around the tower, and use the Skin mode again ("grassskin" this time) to put grass all around the tower:

And there you have it!

Now, to polish the level, I'd have to go through manually and do stuff like add doors, furniture, and other adornments. But I don't have graphics ready for all that stuff, and besides, I didn't make the polishing any easier; unfortunately that stuff always takes awhile.

I am very happy with these changes; making levels is way easier than it was in the To The World Tree days. Next, working on sound effects and ambient sounds.

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