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Last night I was thinking of pitfalls that I encountered in the past while trying to create a "game" and one of the biggest was lack of documentation.
It's easy to slack off and not really fully document everything you need especially if your the only one who is going to be working on the project.
But reflecting back I realized now how much trouble that caused because it is basically a kamikaze style of software development.
Although Im just itching to start coding & developing graphics, I need to take the time to plan where im going...and not trust that it's all in my head.
On another front, I put up a quick website just so I could have a place for the "Ultimate 2D Side Scroller" and present it's images and other crap, so that's one less thing out of my way.

And yesterday I didnt even get a chance to download and install DevPartner or SoftICE because I was fighting viruses all night...it's amazing how one pop can cause a catostrophic effect on your pc. (porn? you ask...not)
So I reinstalled Norton (it wasnt installed cause it's a resource hog) and ran a system scan twice to alleviate the problems. Now Im on solid ground and im able to move forward...
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