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Letters From The Readers

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Its time for one of those entries where I quickly answer a post or two from the comments [smile]

Original post by Jason Z
Do we get to see some screen shots of the system in action?

Right now it exists in a stripped down purely mathematical test environment.

Drawing is on my 'todo' list however before that I want to finish up and refactor the test cases a bit to centralise a few things, check over the maths and add a few 'effectors' for the systems to get an idea of the 'true' performance. I also need to test emitter spawning speed a bit.

At that point I'll probably throw together a simple test render for screen shots/video reasons; maybe multithreaded, maybe not.. its tempted to do the former simply because D3D11 will make it a bit easier.

I'm currently looking into the Thread Building Blocks and some details on existing game system design which uses them to try and come up with a truely scaleable game system based on it. While 'parrellel_for' et al are fine for this test the real game is going to have to manage the task system itself.

Yeah, alot of thought for something which will be a 2D game rendered primarily with pixels [grin]

Original post by Black Knight
About tessellation how do you think it will effect collision detection?Can the detailed tesselletad mesh be used for collision detection? Or they will use some kind of simpler mesh.

This is an intresting one; I suspect you could abuse 'stream out' to get the post-tesselation data back from the card in real time however I suspect in many cases tesselation will be used to add detail but collision will still occur with a lower resolution set of mesh data.
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