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Sprite Editor Update

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Keep neglecting to update here as I've been more worried about getting my own site working again. (remember kids...don't drink and rm -rf...at least i keep backups). Been up for a few weeks now so I'll start crossposting to my journal here again.

Origional is of course at my website, http://www.midnightfragfest.com (my old site, www.raptor85.com now redirects here)

More updates on my sprite editor.

  • Increased Size of work area

  • Dynamicly scale grid instead of pre-set to different sizes

  • Ability to toggle grid on and off (for previews)

  • Much larger range of sizes (16x16 to 256x256)

  • Removed the ability to create non-square tiles, was more trouble than it was worth

  • Added the ability to flip the frame fully horizontally/vertically

  • Added the ability to import frames from 24 bit uncompressed bitmap files

  • Managed to cross compile it for win32 (requires wxwidgets to be installed!), It may not work correctly, I haven't really been able to test it

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