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Web Design in 2 Minutes.

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Stephen R


Heh, I decided to put up a small website onto the free site I set up a while ago, just for the sake of it. I only used free stuff to make/host it and I have to say its looking good. All I had to do was pick two colors, in this case black and white (the most programmery of all programmer colors), pick up a freeware font that fits in with those two colors, rig up a simple title image in GIMP, mix it together with a few litres of HTML, season with CSS and I was good to go. I'll refine things as refinements come to me through the CSS file but its okay for now.

I like web programming. I know its involves absolutely no programming skill on the level I was working at today, but I enjoy it. I had a great time putting a web-site together in under three hours. I'm amazed though at how people who put up horrible personal websites can stand to look themselves in the mirror every morning. A bit of incentive and anyone can learn to write a table in HTML. Not that my site is beautifull or anything, mearly passable. But its attrocities like Frontpage that allow kids to churn out web pages that should never have been allowed to exist in the first place.

Sorry about that, horrible websites are one of my biggest pet peeves. Tomorrow I'm going to get back down to the vertex buffers. For some reason I can never do any work on Mondays or Tuesdays. Probably because those are my two hardest school days.
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Actually, the one on my banner I've had for a while and is my big site. I was just talking about a small one I rigged up today.

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