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Bum weekend

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Well, looks like my only chore today is a wedding, but that'll kill today but good. I did do a little work on how the model's limb's will animate ... shoulders are a pain in the butt to animate well. But I got the elbow looking good and I have ideas for the shoulder. I'd like to be able to rig his face for simple expressions too. I'm going to try and finish it up quick and dirty tomorrow and render some sprites to see how it's looking.

PS: oh, and it looks like comments are finally implemented! Yay! Use them!

PPS: I hate wearing a suit. Give me a T-Shirt and relaxed fit blue jeans anyday. That's what I'm wearing to my wedding; you just watch ...
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Recommended Comments

Ok. Comment here.

If this goes through, it looks like regular users can comment in the journals. If not, no one will see this and I will be sad.

And I'm not giving you good chances of survival if you wear blue jeans to your own wedding. (Unless it's a Vegas wedding or something.)

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I barely survived wearing a suit today. [wink] I was at a wedding in Newfoundland as a young child; to this day all I remember are the shoes. They were that painful.

My suit was no treat either. Dress clothes suck. [razz] [wink] And why can't I see recent replies on the "Post Reply" screen? [flaming]

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