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Entry #12c: on Threads

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The following is an account of my
String Thread Theory

First let me say this: every thread has the possibility for "success" (ie, maximum potential). It's just that some threads have so little potential, they reach it faster than it takes to write it.

OMG I have a great idea for a new MMOR...

This example thread has already reached its "success" potential. This, as you can see, was due to bad formatting.


Threads must be well-formatted! Something that is unpleasing to the eye will not be read. Such examples include
  • Block-like paragraphs with no apparent end
  • Excessive use of 1334-speak and AOL-tongue.
  • Something else I'll think of later tonight
Avoid these, and you should be fine, granted you have a suitable topic.


Any topic has potential. Some discussions may be over very quickly. Some may seem to last forever. Here are some general things I've noticed:
  • Easy-to-respond to threads last forever
    These include the "Ask a Stupid Question, get a stupid answer" and "Single-word Game" Threads (I'll link later)
    The reason? People post because there's no reason not to.
    Everyone can post.
    Ergo, it stays active, accumulating massive amounts of replies, and never dies.

  • Controversal Topics
    Topics that people generally feel strongly about get plenty of replies.
    Include: "Sex - a Civilized Discussion" and all the political threads.
    People want to discuss, so they do!

  • Threads where you, potentially, can get something for free
    Include: Salsa's Avatars, etc
    "Hey! Free stuff!! Gimmie gimmie!" ~me

  • finally, threads with women in them (pictures or otherwise)
    Heh, this is a male-dominated forum. What did you expect?
    Threads include: "Hot chick pix part deux" among others.

I would go on, but the document I'm printing is about done, so I'll wrap up.

I'm wrapped up now, I guess. Maybe I should write an article: "Dummies' Guide to the Forums..." [wink]
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