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Old Dog Learns New Trick: Story at 10....

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Tuesday, October 12th

So somehow my WinAmp alarm got screwed up and reset to midnight instead of 12pm, so I ended up sleeping in until like 2:30 and having to head straight to work today. Phoo. I was hoping to do some stuff before work. Ah well. I'll be sure to start setting my alarm clock as backup from now on. Lesson learned.

So I finally balled up and tossed my newest trick on trampoline at the gym tonight: stomach drop double front flip to feet. It took me like twenty or so tries to turn it over, and by then my knees were purple from kabooming the trampoline. The method of kabooming involves landing slightly high on your chest, and then slamming your knees or feet into the trampoline a split second later to create forward rotation up off your stomach. It's better to kaboom off your knees rather than your feet tho, since then your legs are already over your head when you start to flip.

I've been tossing stomach drop front 1 and 3 (1 flip, with an extra 3/4 rotation to back) for years, but only recently have I considered holding on for that extra 1/4 to my feet. It wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. The only downside, of course, is the abuse to my knees (and a bit to my elbows as well. Trampolines are very coarse). Still, it's a bad ass trick that not a lot of people can claim to have done. So I'm happy.

For my next trick? Well I got my fliffuss (2 flips with a 1/2 twist), so the next progress would be a 2 and 3 (two flips with an extra 3/4 rotation to back). This is from feet, btw. I dunno. 2 and 3 is kinda intimidating, even for a crazy son of a bitch like me. But maybe next week [smile]. And after that I can start tossing triffuses (3 flips with a 1/2 twist). I love trampoline!!

Okay, me and my busted up knees are crawling into bed. After I double and triple check my damn alarm. [razz]
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My friend can do a double backflip and when he lands he does a double front flip [razz]:).

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Double front flip eh? I hate double front flips. Well, from feet anyways. The suckiest thing about them is that you can't spot the trampoline for your landing. This is why it takes people so long to get front flips right, and why (despite popular opinion) back flips are easier. I have bad dreams of doing a double front, opening too late, and jacking my knees. Ouch. This is also why most people half out of multiple flips, because you can then spot the trampoline for your landing. Your friend's crazy. (tho I don't mean that disrespectfully. He should know that tho).

I did a double-front off my stomach because it would take a lot of effort to over-rotate that and do anything nasty to myself.

If you're not afraid of him killing himself, you can tell him to try a trick I invented called a Drewcifus (soft "c"). It's a barani (flip with a 1/2 twist) followed by a 3/4 backflip to stomach. So a barani in, 3/4 back out. It's nasty. Land short and you scrape your face against the trampoline and possibly injure your lower back. Land late and you could worm down legs-first and possibly break your spine.

Like I said, if you don't think he'll kill himself, have him try it [smile]

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