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Stephen R


I came across this game today - Dark Signs, a console based hacking game. It is extremely good. It feels as if you really are sitting infront of a console. I'd recomend it to anyone with any experience with working in a text based environment. Here's the site.
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That game looks extremely cool. Imagine a multiplayer version that you actually played over an internet connection. All sorts of domains and such. If you hacked certain sites, you would gain "Hacker Cred" and work your way up in the hacker community. Sounds like it would be fun. The market for it would probably be rediculously small though.

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Yeh, I can just imagine it. Everybody logs into a central server. Each user as well as being a 1337 h4x0rz can also run a domain, which they can protect for even more 1337 h4x0rz points.

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I'm getting all tingly thinking about it :). I supposed I'm a wannabe hacker. Except that I'm too much of a pansy :). I never dare break the whole, I suppose you could call me a "goody-two-shoes" in that respect.

The UI on this game looks pretty cool. If I totally fall in love with the gameplay, I would love to try my own. Have it be an ever-present online world. Like a virtual world. All console based.

I think perhaps we are the only two that the idea sounds fun too :). Oh well, I think it would be a fun project. It would definitely be a good exercise on software architecture by using plug-ins and factories. Considering how many different ways the command can "communicate" with the user, and how many different commands there could be. If you built it to build the command-set using run-time plug-ins, then you could forever release "expansion packs" that add more missions, commands, and interfaces. Perhaps incorporate different "protocols" too to make it more realistic. It would be pretty awesome to be able to just add a new "project" for the expansion pack and not have to touch or recompile the original code, since the environment is built and discovered all at run-time.

Anyways, perhaps I should journal this since it is becoming an excessively long comment :).

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I was talking about it with a few friends, and they loved the idea. Though you couldn't really have the user running their own servers like I mentioned above, it would be pointlessly unrealistic - all they would have to do would be turn off all services. You would have to have the game server contain missions, and training or info servers.

I'm really in love with this game concept - I'd pay for it.

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