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I'm lovin' it. . .but not the food

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Okay insufferable cheapasses. It's time once again for the annual McDonald's Monopoly contest. For the next month, large drink cups, large fry boxes and chicken strip boxes will have little peel off tickets good for valuable prizes.

Nicest ticket, though, is the one on the large fries or chicken strips. In addition to the two peel-off tickets, you get a Best Buy ticket that's good for at least a $1 discount at Best Buy (there's a miniscule chance that it'll be worth $5 or $10, but I haven't found one of those yet).

The contest is great, but it requires the purchase of food at McDonald's. If you send a SASE to McDonald's, however, you can get four peel-off tickets and one Best Buy ticket. Here's the cost breakdown for 100 SASE's.

200 first class Stamps = $74
100 #10 Envelopes = $1.50
100 #8 envelopes = $1.50

Total = $77

My $77 investment will bring in $100 Best Buy credit and 400 unpeeled tickets. The tickets can be peeled for possible prizes and enormous amounts of McDonald's food (1 out of 10 tickets is a food prize) or can be used as online trade-bait.

I mailed out 202 SASE's so far, already beating out the number I sent last year. I think I'll mail out at least another 100, as their limit for a single item is $300. My dreams of a free plasma TV are almost within reach.
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Whenever someone mentions the golden arches I am reminded of that enlightening film "Super Size Me". I now wouldn't eat at McDonalds if they paid me.

"Can you find the nuggets on this chicken? We couldn't either!" - Morgan Spurlock [smile]

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I sent in like 150 SASEs about five years ago. The best buy thing wasn't around, so I just wound up with a pile of small fries and cheeseburgers.

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So, let me get this straight, for $77, you get $100 back in Best Buy bucks? Who came up with that contest? They're not very good with math [lol].

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