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This Sucks

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Wednesday, October 14th

My stupid wireless connection is being crappy again. I can't stand it! I've tried resetting the router twice already, and it hasn't had the effect it did last time. Firefox keeps poping up the "Document Contains No Data" message box every other time I try to view a webpage. It took me like 30 minutes to go through all the latest journal updates because it took so long to load the damn pages. This is worse than freakin 28.8.

*tosses around random objects*

Argh! It's so bad that I can't even log into to the router! WTF?? I thik tomorrow I'm going to try using my sister's external USB wireless antenna. Maybe my internal card is suffering from horrible interference from my PC for some odd reason. I'm too pissed off to do it tonight. I tried using Boost's Bind library to bind a callback function to a class function, and stupid VC++ Express keeps crashing (well, the optomization compiler anyways) when it tries to compile the code.

*tosses around more random objects*

So I tried to get any updates I could in case this is a fixed problem, but, of course, my internet sux0rs.

I'm going to bed [crying]
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I'm on my third Linksys here (first wired, then 802.11b, then 802.11g). I swear by the things because they work perfectly and never need to be restarted ever.

Okay, I did need to restart it about three months ago when a thunderstorm-brownout got it pretty confused, but that's it. I couldn't recommend 'em more highly.

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I have a Linksys 802.11g USB device too. Really handy, since I only have one open PCI slot that I'm saving (probably for a USB 2.0 card... ah! The irony)

Sometimes when my system crashes, it gets the jitters - the adapter fails to load, the software doesn't load correctly and it doesn't connect to the network properly. But once it's up it's generally reliable.

Granted I have to restart my computer to get the adapter to work, then restart it again because Windows didn't load properly, then again because Scandisk freezes and I can't login.

Ah! The joy of l'ordinateur ancen!

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