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Hey! Why you running?

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it is about time, I know, but I think I have figured out my problems with DirectX. A tip for all of you out there. If you read Beginning DirectX 10 Game Programming it is a really good book, if you can follow it, know WTF your doing, or are just really good at troubleshooting crazy stuff, you just really have to watch yourself. Things change change from chapter to chapter and sometimes important details get left out. Like in chapter 3 to get my sprite to display properly I had to add spriteObject->SetProjectionTransform(&matProjection);. Now I am no DirectX expert of course but my sprite would not display until this was done. This bit of code was no where to be found for the example I was working with. Only problem is they do not add this until later when they talk about multiple sprites. So the part where you have "all the code" you need to display "a" sprite it totally leaves you scratching your head. Oh and the code on the CD does not match what is in the book.

Good thing I was like wtf and figured out what I was missing. If I hadn't I might not be posting this. This is a test of the background and a single sprite. I am going to bed but please... enjoy.

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