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Some internal insite

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This entry was sparked by me remembering about this discussion while replying to one of those I am a beginner and want to learn C++ threads.

As of late I have been having some debates with friends of mine about games/game development in general. One things that always comes up in these kinds of debates with my friends is how I am a masochist. They say I am a masochist for using C++ and enjoying looking at things from the system level.

I always tell them ever since I was little I have had a hunger for knowing how things work internally at that level.

That above statement has really got me doing some self reflection. I don't really post on here much about progress on games and what not for one reason. I never really make much progress. It is not because I don't do anything or don't understand how to make a game. Instead I always get tied up in my main interest. The underlying subsystems. I will say ok here is my game idea. Net you know it the game idea is thrown out the window and I am using it as a test bed for new rendering theories and component structures, physics tests and the like. Overall I would have to state I really don't care about making the next greatest game. I enjoy tinkering down at the low level game subsystem level.

You know all those little components that game programmers use to make their games. Render systems, physics systems, ai systems. These low level details are really what I enjoy about game programming.

I would consider myself one of the few people who would enjoy myself more if I was writing graphics engines, and physics engines. Maybe even scripting systems. The stuff that people are always looking into some game engine to do for them because they want to get their game done and could care less about how things work internally.

So I have come to a conclusion maybe I should focus my time on these things I enjoy rather then forcing myself into writing a game. Instead maybe my purpose is to make it easier for others to write games.

I would love to hear peoples opinions on this.
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Do what you love... just make sure you post code. You gotta have something extra in ol' journal, as I always say.

I mean, look at what benryves'Journal, that guy does crazy stuff and has fun doing, so it doesn't matter that there isn't a pretty screenshot or a load of gameplay theory every entry. He also likes Pink Floyd, so he's automatically cool.

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Haha not much of a Pink Floyd guy here but it works with the Wizard of OZ and Darkside of the moon. I on the other hand program to Lamb of God :P

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How about making your own Ogre, or similar? If that's what you love doing then I can't see anyone complaining about there being another engine option available.

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The middleware market is huge dude, go out there and make the next best tool for something! Do some research to see what low-level stuff people are tired of implementing themselves or what features are lacking from current offerings and fill a niche.

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