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Entry #14: 13 got rejected...

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  • Random Observation of the Day!
    Not enough of you are commenting in my journal... [sad]

You know what I've noticed? There aren't that many "easily-solvable" technical threads these days. I mean, it wasn't that much of a problem a couple of weeks ago, but nowadays it seems that teh questions are getting harder.

What ever happened to the people that needed help with skyboxes? Problems with simple matrix math? Bounding-box collisions? [depressed]

I feel soooo useless now. Me and my brain-dead neural net, and my deaf ELIZA chatterbox that committed suicide (how ironic)... *sigh* Just another day in the neighborhood...

Mushu - trying to help those he doesn't know, with things he doesn't know.
Why won't he just go away? An question the universe may never have an answer to...
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since you commented in my journal I'll comment in yours blah blah just kidding [grin], I think your journal is interesting[smile].

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That's right, your journal isn't getting any comments because I'm boycotting it! No more replies from me!

...hey wait a minute...


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Har. Also, I've been wondering about something for a while but never got around to asking about it: did you spell it "seesickness" as a pun, or did you make yet another spelling error?

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If you're not getting any comments, then you're obviously not posting anything interesting. Duh. Geeez. Liven it up a bit huh?

*looks at his own journal*

awwww CRAP

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