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The month of the "player"

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Well, my development process is a classic iterative approach where I improve a certain part of the game for a few week until I go on to the next part.

January was the month of the "npc behaviour", I have implemented some improvements with which I'm quite happy about. So far, my dungeon dwellers are bred from nests and explore their surroundings. When they encounter some food resource they will start to take resources to their nests, on the other hand they will look for food once the got hungry and start eating. Once they encounter an object of interest, like loot lying around or an opponent, the react in different ways. Some dwellers will flee, other get curious and will take a look and others will start to hunt and attack the opponent.

Still there's enough to do, but it should settle down for some time before I revisit this topic again.

So, this month will be the month of the "player" with a strong focus on fighting mobs. This has a major visual factor. I already modelled and rigged some hands and test weapons (my game is played in the first person perspective), now I need to add some decent animations. My goal is to establish atleast 4 basic combat actions: swing a weapon, a special move, a heal spell and a fire blast. I think I have to play around with some special effects too.

Eventually I will rework the (derived)attribute system and the basic fighting rules. As a bonus I will try to invest some time into the gui. I got already a basic working gui with inventory, character sheet, character creation etc. but only with some placeholder grafics.

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