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LoveRTS Roadmap

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I haven't been able to play with this pet of mine much since I started it, but I have had a chance to get a few things up and running -

* Builds maps out of tiles
* Player can pan around the map by putting their mouse near the edge of the screen, or using WASD or the arrows keys on the keyboard
* Loads up a ship
* Player can make the ship move to a location by right clicking with their mouse

Things I plan to do before I call this v0.1 and let it out to public consumption -

* Maps will be defined and built from external map files that are loaded in
* The ship will have working facing and will actually animate
* Ship will be able to "fire" at an object that you left click on
* There will be dumb AI ships to fire at and that will shoot at the player
* The AI ships will explode if it hit enough, and so will the player
* There will be objects to hide around

Moving beyond v0.1 into v0.2, so far I plan on -

* Setting up menus
* Add networking
* Add additional player and enemy ships
* Allow for multiselect of ships or enemies, so they can all move together or fire together

I'm not planning any further then that, but I wanted to get my plan written down instead of in my head [wink]
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