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Making some progress

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The TBS engine is progressing quite well. Yesterday evening I finished the layout for the hex- and tiled-based map descriptions. It's very flexible and versatile. You can reconfige the entitymanager (which stores the templates for the entities on the maps) through the parameters in the map format.

I first though that I could put the map content itself into the format using the parameter tags but I finally decided to define some appropriate tags for the description of the content (fields and entities (building, units, landmarks,...) ). Using parameters was too complicated for this task.

When lying in my bed I was thinking of the possibilities of usage with the format I just had figured out. And it sprang to my mind that you don't necessarily have to relate a given graphic to a given field type. The format would allow to have a 3D representation of the enviroment with a 2D field map "blended" over it, containing only the grids where units can walk on. So you could have a *very* detailed game map without relying on tile or hex graphic sets. That's what I call cool !

Mushu was complaining in his blog that no one would comment his posts. Someone mentioned that perhaps they aren't interesting enough. I understand that people might want to read and actually *see* something interesting but that is not always possible.

Do you think that what I'm posting is interesting ? Please comment [wink]
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I'm taking the time to read it, so I guess it's interesting :P

And that was only a jest I made in Mushu's journal. Har har.

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