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Thursday, October 14th

John and Mushu both stuck by their Linksys routers it seems, and I wasn't ready to give up on mine yet either (close, but not yet). I installed the Linksys USB wireless adapter and everything schmooved out. I'm pretty sure it's interference caused by my laptop. My internal card prob isn't 100% reliable unless it's within 15 or so feet of the router. I'm about 25-30 feet distant at most. So the antenna is sitting atop my desk now, and I got my cable-like speeds back. Whoohoo!

In other news, I finally got my object callbacks working. There was some minor hassle involved but thanks to Fruny that got sorted out quick. This is great because in the game I'm working on I've been polling these Update functions that carry out the game-specific object tasks. Now I can use the callback function instead and no longer have to call the various manager's Update functions every loop. *phew*

Lessee, what else? Oh yea, cleaned off some spyware thanks to SpyBot Search & Destroy, and my comp no longer locks up when shutting down - quite a relief since it prompted me to think about reformatting. But it seems okay now.

I guess that's it. Ho hum. Time for bed...
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Told ya the USB Wireless Adapters are awesome.

And for some reason, Spybot Search & Destroy is unable to... destroy the naughty-naughties on my system. It can find them, though... even though the caught_counter == 2 only.

Oh well. Regedit is nice.

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