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Axis of Evil

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The war on pop-ups and ad-ware continued last night. I swear this has truly disrupted my game plan for the last week. Norton Internet Security and its virus scanning software is garbage not to mention Pest patrol is a major joke as well (they see what they want to).
What truly pisses me off is that I bought pest patrol and I'm using Norton on a 6 months trial basis before its time to pay, well what do you think will happen when that finally expires?...yeah that B.S. is outta here.
So anyway, as I sit there watching my pc come to a feeble crawl and pop up windows of cash winnings, sports betting and your occasional male enhancements take their turn...I begin to get even more furious....
But then wait, a friend of mine called me and could tell something was wrong, how observant of him. I explained to him my plight half heartily due to the fact that he is as non technical as a set of fisher price tools being close to the real thing.
Oddly enough he had the cure, my non-technical friend turned me on to 2 "FREE" products mind you that did what Norton nor Pest patrol were able to do < SEEK & DESTROY > ... and I didn't even have to go into safe mode.
What are these arch angels sent from above? ...."Ad-Aware" & "Spybot", both available at your local CNET. Although I had heard of them before, I usually don't give service to anything that you don't pay for. I mean hell, you get what you pay for right? I guess I didn't... All in all the 2 free products served me well and I will continue to use them to fight this war on spam (if it strikes again)....the spammers are getting damned good.
See what happens when you send jobs overseas, all the tech heads with out jobs take on programming jobs with spam companies (conspiracy theory).
Ok, enough of all that I have been making a little head way on my game and I now know how I want it to look graphically. On other front's I have been delving into some pretty advanced areas of C++ so time will tell if it proves useful when it comes to developing my engine.

Cheers, and here's looking forward to a productive weekend.
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Your answer. Ad-aware is also good, but if you don't any software feeding your computer crap in the first place, you don't have to worry about it. That's where FireFox comes in.

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Firefox rocks. I've been IE-free for like 8 months now. And I just cleaned up my system as well with SpyBot - great app.

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