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Tired Out

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Saturday, October 16th

Man what a long day. I hauled my ass out of bed at 9am to run some errands before hitting the beach and getting in some power kiting with a friend and a fellow cast member from the Batman show. Two more Batman cast members were supposed to make it, but couldn't. Just as well - more flying time for the rest of us [smile]. The wind was pretty gusty, which sucked, but was as fast as 12-16mph, which was good. My two friends were both newbies, and they got pulled off their feet a few times and went crashing headfirst into the sand, lol. Got it all on tape. Good stuff.

While riding my bike today I noticed that I have an oil leak. Crap. I nicked it on a curb apexing a turn Thursday night, so that's probably what did it. It's leaking all over my muffler pipe and burning off, getting my peg slippery, and splattering under my rear tire. Wuuunderful. Luckily it's a tiny leak, but I'll still have to get it patched up before I can ride again. It's not too bad tho, we're supposed to be getting a lot of rain this week anyways. And at least I faired better than my buddy, his ZX6R's clutch cable snapped on his way home from the beach. D'oh!

So I taped the first Batman show today from backstage. I hadn't gotten any footage from back there during an actual show, it was pretty cool. We were short on techs tho so it wasn't the kind of scene I was hoping for, but still aiight. It also decided to pour towards the end of the show, but then stop and partially clear up like a minute after the show was over. Figures. [rolleyes] After that one show I left for home (the cast member that came out kiting switches off and on with me for my part, and he did the shows today) to join the family for my sister's 18th b'day dinner.

Finally, I sat down in front of the comp to catch up on the day's events, and order my new clock and keyboard/mouse combo. Yey!! New gadgets!!

I fell asleep on the floor in the living room while chatting wih the family, I was so tired. So I'm going to hit the sack early, read some more Star Wars. Peace.
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