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I cut my hand, with the most embarrasing thing ever: A SERVER
Who decided that servers absolutely must have sharp edges??

Actually, I take that back, it's not the most embarrasing thing. I mean, it would have been worse if I had cut my hand with a dildo or something.

On the other hand, I had a weird dream. So I was back in university for no apparent reason, and Sidney Smith lobby was turned into this giant theatre. I don't know what was going on, but the whole place caught on fire. So as everything is burning and people are standing outside and having their lunch while watching the burning building, the garbage pickup comes in as well (instead of fire engines) and I'm searching furiously in all the garbage cans inside the burning building for Annat's shoes, and the garbage people are about to take everything away.

I think I might need some help. Well, I kind of know why it was HER shoe I was searching for, that's because right before going to sleep I was reading her blog about how she became a Sex Ed Councellor, but that doesn't explain the burning building and the search for the trashed shoe...
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Servers have sharp edges to serve as stand-in wirecutters. You of all people should know that! [wink]

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Don't listen to those people. Your dream is obviously a sign of a healthy psyche and powerful imagination, and is to be rewarded.

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