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Beaten Up Again

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Sunday, October 17th

Well, couple new bruises, bumps, scrapes, abrasions and cuts to add to the list of minor injuries sustained thus far from the Batman show. Other than that, we had a show dedicated to Charley, one of our Jokers. He has this habit of throwing both his hands up in the air while ranting, so we all mimed this motion at various points in the show. It was pretty funny - if you knew what was going on. I'm sure the audience was puzzled [smile]

Anyways... short day today. Just did shows, came home and checked my emails and web boards and such, and now it's off to bed. Have to get up god-awful early to take my bike in to get serviced. Leaking oil is not a good thing, after all.
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i need some help figuring this batman show thing out are you in a movie or something?

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Sounds as if he's in some sort of "stunt spectacular" show, possibly at Six Flags?

Edit: woops, I read down a bit farther and it appears he works at Great Adventure.

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Lol - funny you should say "stunt spectacular". We had a director from the Six Flags show down by D.C. come up to choreograph us late in the season, and when we asked about his show he said "We don't have a stunt show, we have a thrill show spectacular!" He was such an idiot.

Anyways, I am a Joker's henchman in the new Batman vs. Catwoman: Catfight stunt show at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson NJ. It's a new $2 million production, this was the pilot season, it should start spreading to other parks as well the next few seasons.

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