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Web Refresher

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Jason Z


Web Refresher

On some advice from my last post, I have downloaded and installed Expression Web 3 from my MSDN subscription. While there, I also took the time to finally download and install Office 2010, Visual Studio 2010, and Visio 2010. All together, it took quite a while (actually I'm still waiting for Office to finish installing...) but I now have a bunch of new tools to work with. VS2010 doesn't work with the DXSDK (which will be fixed in the June SDK version) so I'm still sticking with 2008 for now.

Anyhow, after spending a little time with Expression Web, I realized how much about HTML and CSS that I had forgotten. I read a great introductory book a couple years ago on both technologies, but haven't really used them since. The book is "HTML, XHTML & CSS" by Elizabeth Castro. Its in its sixth edition, so it must be doing something right... It provides a great intro and samples for someone that is completely new to either or both HTML and CSS, but it wasn't so basic that it was a waste to read it. Plus it is in full color, making it a pleasure to pick up and read.

So with my newly re-acquired knowledge, I will be starting to layout and design my forth coming website for Hieroglyph. Expression Web seems like a great tool, and from what I have seen it makes it very easy to get things done. Now I just need to develop a solid concept of what I want the site to look like and what it should contain. I'm certainly open to suggestions if anyone has something in particular that they want to see up there. It also makes me wonder when the updated journal editing features will be available around here... IIRC it was supposed to be end of Q1 2010, so I hope that's coming soon.

I've also been busy working on another writing project, which if it works out then I'll be really busy for quite a while... In the end, I keep myself busy anyways, so I will continue down this path. On that topic, I've been working out several new demo concepts (including the particle systems that I mentioned last time), so I should have something interesting to post in the next few days (i.e. screenshots!).

And finally, I am now a member of the Editorial Review Board here at GDNet. I really enjoy reading and writing about graphics programming, so it will be a nice thing to be involved with. So get your graphics articles finished up and submit them so that I have something to read!
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VS2010 doesn't work with the DXSDK (which will be fixed in the June SDK version) so I'm still sticking with 2008 for now.

Works fine for me.

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That may well be - I didn't try it myself. At the advice of the June DXSDK (which says it will formally support VS2010) I will just wait to use it. June isn't so far away...

Did you need to manually modify settings to get it working?

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