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Beginning Doxygen

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Beginning Doxygen

At another suggestion, Doxygen was recommended for generating automatic documentation for Hieroglyph. I managed to download and start reading the manual, but haven't made it too much further yet. It will be an iterative process, but I will start documenting the major classes as time permits - which will hopefully lead to a moderately well documented library by the time the website is finished up.

For some reason, I've been feeling a bit more creative than usual and have come up with several new demo concepts for the library as well. I think there are lots of ways to mix using the compute shader and the traditional pipeline to produce some interesting results. Still, there are too many things to get done right now, so I think progress may be a little slow... I guess I should go get back to work before I need to go to sleep...

By the way, I posted a fresh commit to Hieroglyph's codeplex repository. There are quite a few changes and updates made, and it has been a while since my last update. If you have a chance to check it out I would be interested in hearing any feedback!
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