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3 hours to go!

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So, NVidia just wasted a ton of my time. Cuda 2.3 installed old drivers for my graphics card (14.07.2009 driver) that caused my game to crash. Of course, since I was in the middle of Cuda implementation, I was convinced this was due to something I was doing wrong with Cuda, not because the installer for Cuda had given me old drivers :P

So, I finally found this out, erased Cuda from my computer and got the newest video drivers for my gpu installed, and game stopped crashing!

This means I'll have to do the implementation in GLSL, with 3 hours left until I have to have a zipped down and uploaded version of my code + game! If this was a simple sine-wave equation I wouldn't be freaking out right now, but since it's the linear wave equation, that's based on 3 grids (past, present, future) and neightbouring vertices to each "current" vertex, I think this will be hard to get in on time!

Oh well, just got to run with it and see how far I get! For safety, I'll first throw in some of the simplest fixes, so that I KNOW that I'll get them in there on time. I'll then branch out and do the waves in a seperate branch, so that if I fail on completing, I won't have to backstep to get to the working code.

- GLSL Water
- Rotate to direction critters
- New path and spawnpoint
- Enable game finished
- Enable score spending restricting tower building
- Add score spending for upgrades
- Animated monsters
- Fix particle system

- Fix camera spawnpoint
- Make perimeter only show when tower is selected
- Rotate to target heads/guns

- Cuda Water
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