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Time's up!

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So the deadline hit hard, and of course I didn't manage to finish completely, but that's how it should be I guess :P I made a small video of the game that I'll upload to youtube over the night. I'll post it tomorrow.

Code may be downloaded from my repository here:
Critter Defense

It's statically linked, so should be pretty easy to just open up the sln and compile. I've heard from a friend that some of the depends didn't want to work in VS2010, so you might have to fetch the depends on your own in that case. Remember that this was created for educational purposes only. Hopefully I didn't step on anyone's toes in using the assets I used.

Finally the finish line is drawn! Phew!

Youtube movie:
">Critter Defense movie

- GLSL Water
- Animated monsters
- Fix particle system

- Fix camera spawnpoint
- Make perimeter only show when tower is selected
- Rotate to target heads/guns
- Simple sine-based GLSL water
- Enable game finished
- Enable score spending restricting tower building
- Allow Grid cells to be marked as occupied (f.ex the monster path)
- Add score spending for upgrades
- Monsters able to destroy base
- Add in new gun graphics (mesh + textures)

- Cuda Water
- Rotate to direction critters
- New path and spawnpoint
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Recommended Comments

Congratulations on finishing the game. I've ran afoul the accursed Ninety-ninety rule many times also. This is the kind of project I like to follow when reading developer journals.

I downloaded and compiled your project with only a few minor issues using VS2008 Express.
I couldn't play much since it looks like the game wasn't meant for my 1440x900 screen:(

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Sweet! Congrats!

I checked out the video and it looks nice. Of course there are things to polish on but overall it looks done. I mean, aren't there always things to polish on.

Personally I like this kind of games when there are hordes of smaller attackers. Did you experiment any with different numbers of enemies with different health levels?

Again, congrats!

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Thanks guys, I'm glad to hear that the code compiled :)

There were a ton of things I didn't get to finish with this. And enemies that get's tougher is one of them unfortunately. One of the biggest mistakes I did on this project, was to wait this long with the Cuda implementation. Had I known I couldn't get that to work a week ago, I would have spent my last day in crunch mode a lot better, and would probably have had time to implement diversity in the critters. So right now, if you survive the first wave of critters, you've pretty much won the game :P

Another shortcomming is that, as a shortcut, I hardcoded the HUD and GUI to 1k x 1k resolution. So the game only runs at this viewport size. A proper GUI system would do good, and fullscreen support for any aspect ratio. But hey, on a set time budget you can't get time for everything :)

I definately feel that I'm so close to an actual game demo with this project, that I HAVE to work more on it, even though it's finished as a school project. Me and some guys in my class have talked about doing just that, joining our projects into one collaborate game. So this project isn't dead just yet ;)

It's been a ton of fun though, and a huge learning experience, and I'm really glad to hear that you guys enjoyed following my journal on this project too. I'm only 1/4th done with my Master's degree, so there will definately be more projects coming on this ;)

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