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There's a Reason Why I Don't Update on Weekdays...

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Prinz Eugn


I'm currently working on a fairly expansive journal entry going fairly in-depth on the previous journal entry's huge loading screen. I'm gonna see if I can illustrate how weird/awesome it is to get really into a drawing with Photoshop. Until then, I have a couple other minor bits.

About That C-17

The legendary(-ish) LanchanL had a comment last time I figured I could answer dramatically.
Original post by LachlanL
One question though, is that a massive bomber plane flying on its side in the background? Can they do that? [wink]


Well, okay, so that is a pretty hard bank in the loading screen and the picture is one at an airshow, presumably mostly empty. If it was fully loaded, which it probably was judging by the secondary explosion of its buddy there (must've been filled with futuristic ultra-dynamite, it might lose a fatal amount of altitude making a turn like that. But hey, better than being chunked by the massive explosion right next door.

Accidentally Started Photoshop; Couldn't Stop

I got bored tonight and decided to hack together something I had been thinking about- using cool text effects to sort of represent what a title is. Goodbye Blue Sky is of course a reference to the Pink Floyd song recounting the Blitz on British cities by the Luftwaffe. I've thought about it as the game title, but I dunno, seems a little too abstract for our target people-who-Google-'2d airplane game' audience.

Next Up: "Walkin' on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves. But not really.

Aight, gotta be up early tomorrow. Stay tuned!
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Original post by Prinz Eugn
The legendary(-ish) LanchanL had a comment last time I figured I could answer dramatically.

Awww shucks!(-ish)

But.. yeah! I imagine that'd be crazy being in one of those things when its doing that. I reckon it'd feel like they were trying to bank a skyscraper or something. [looksaround]

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Hah! That picture doesn't prove anything! It could be one of the few still images right before it smashes into the ground to everyone's horror. [dead]

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