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Entry #12: Back from Camping

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Well, I had an exciting weekend. I was helping out with a first-aid station for a BSA Camporee, you know...

Kid: Help! I cut my finger off!!!
Me : Well, have you been drinking a lot of water?
Kid: No..
Me : Well, then you're just dehydrated. Go back to your camp and drink some water.
Kid: But my finger!!
Me : Oh, right..


Kid: OMG OMG! I have a snakebite!
Me : Okay, no problem. Put on a tourniquiet while I go get my hatchet...

And so on. Well, I decided that they really didn't need me, and after a couple of games of all-on-one manhunt (during which I was actually caught, a first; granted it took them 90 minutes and I'm out of shape [grin]) I was pretty scratched up and decided to ditch and go to homecoming instead.

So I get a couple of guys who live near me to give me a ride home, got all snazzed up, and went to the party. Granted, I was misinformed as to the time, and ended up waiting around chatting with the faculty for about an hour. Danced for a little while, got tired, went home just in time to catch Inuyasha and crash on the couch.

Next morning I woke up, was prodded to do some yardwork, dug out dirt for a little while, spent about 5 hours finishing off a book, and got to see Team America: World Police. Great movie!

So, in all, haven't had much time to post much.... So there.
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