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Entry #12.24: On Journals

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So, most of you have journals. And nothing delites the journal reader more than comments in his/her journal. But how does one obtain these sought-after commodities?

Well, allow me to broaden you're horizons with this recent addition to
"The Hitchhiker's Mushu's Guide to the Galaxy Forums"
(which, conviently, will be the title of the article when its finished!)

Here are how people get people to comment:
  • Outright requesting in your sig... you know who you are 23
    Well, this is one method. But, IMO, it is somewhat unsuccessful. Most users will only click a sig-link once, and then not return. So, you've gotten a hit, but not necessarily a comment, and even then it will probably only be followed once...

  • Claim that no one even comments
    I've done this method twice so far, and it seems to work. I highly suspect, however, that if done to the extreme its effects will diminish, and be disregarded. Use with moderation... or be MODERATED!!

  • Keep entries short and to the point *cough!*
    This will help generate comments, simply because people will be able to quickly access and reply to the material. This entry, however, probably won't get any replies because it will end up being too long.

  • Purposefully include meny slepping misteaks
    This will inevitibly piss off the Nazi Ninja Squad, who will then post your insloent ingorance. Granted, again, they will eventually catch on and promptly castrate you. Castration is BAD!!

  • Write stuff that provokes response
    Pouya's journal is a prime example of this... just read a couple of entries. If you don't laugh, PM me and I'll personally slay you for not being human.

  • Just have awesome ideas
    While this will not necessarily generate lots of comments, they're often fun reads (and help people make games better!) [wink]

  • Screenshots
    Especially, impressive ones will make (me at least) comment. There's nothing better than to see an awesome work in progress!

  • Pose a Question
    If you directly ask a question, someone is bound to answer it.

That said, do you guys think this is a half-way decent series? any ways to improve it? ideas for new topics? I'm open for business comments [grin]
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I am not a grammar ninja. I'm a grammar and spelling wizard. Keep that in mind or I shall be forced to throw fireballs at you. Also, lightning bolts.

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Darn it. When I first read this, I was hoping that no one would reply to this so we could all laugh that mushu's advice on getting replies had no replies. Oh well. [rolleyes]

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You forgot to add that if you post something everyday, people will be sure to come back since they know that you'll always have something new for them to read.

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Another method would be to mention other people's names in your journal entries just to provoke them to post a reply saying "OMFG MY NAME!~~"

P.S. You stole my idea of image alignments. I hope you catch fire and die while sitting in a public washroom

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Meh; that sig was only supposed to be temporary. Now that journal links appear at the bottom of posts, I should replace it with something ... as soon as I think of something ...

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