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Newsletter #67 - Merki

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The codename for our main project has been revealed as "Merki" and a forum for it has been created.

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

I've been learning how to create and use projection and view matrices. Tiles are created as 3D meshes and rendered at an isometric angle with orthographic projection. We still need to get the content creation pipeline working for this new setup, but that shouldn't be too difficult. I am currently looking into using Milkshape3D and Wings3D for the mesh creation and uv mapping.

Artist's Easel
Written by GreyKnight

iScribble Sketches #25

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

Community Spotlight

I have compiled a list of known information about the project codenamed "Merki", which can be found at I will be updating the list whenever anything major is announced or released. If you have anything to add to this page, please email me at the link provided in the page. Note that the speculation at the bottom of the news posts is not official, and may not be completely accurate.

Due to further posts on InvisibleMan's Twitter account such as "Working on converting from screen space to world space," many members of the community have changed their decision (if it was not decided) that the new project will be a turn-based (like Final Fantasy I through X) or real-time RPG like the 'Tales of' series). Some members of the community have even stated that they think it will be a Tactical RPG (like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics). Even with all this speculation, the development team has given no more deliberate hints to allow us to form more thoughts about the upcoming project.

To contribute to future community spotlight articles, please visit this forum:

Funny Quote of the Week
From the IRC chatroom

Background information: Blarg is a tough boss in Volund.

Jay: Time to solo Blarg without potions
Ace: That's going to take a few forevers :/
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