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The Moment We've All Been Waiting For

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This is a post duplicated from the Digitanks website.

I'm proud to announce that there is now a small demo of Digitanks available for download. If you download it you can make many Digitanks very happy.

This demo is really just a prototype. I plan to expand it in the future with more tanks, more weapons, and a base-building aspect, where you can build a digital base and conquer your enemy's bases. I'm designing the battle system so that it's very tactical (you can see some of that in this demo) but there will also be a good strategy element to the game. I've set a deadline for myself of mid-September to complete the entire game.

If you enjoy the demo and want to see it made into a full game, there are many ways you can help us out. I should now be able to resume my regular update schedule of 2-3 times a week.
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I played through the demo and it was quite enjoyable. Reminded me of Tron. However, I didn't now which direction I should move my tanks at first, the enemy wasn't in view. Maybe some enemy direction arrows would work if the enemy is far away.. or have the tutorial explain the camera controls before it explains how to move the tanks.

Once I got the hang of it it was pretty good. Do the tanks regenerate life over time?

Keep it up!

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I also played through demo and thought it was pretty cool. I found myself looking for something to move the tanks behind though - it seemed that everything is out in the open, and its just a race to blow up the other guy. Perhaps with more tanks it might be a bit different.

The tutorial played even though I didn't tell it to though. I thought the tutorial was good - add more info to it! Also, when I maximized the screen it just stretched the image to the new window size instead of resizing the buffers. Its just a small thing though, nothing major.

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

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Oop, didn't notice I had comments here! Thanks for the comments, some good ideas and things to fix there.

Yeah, tanks regenerate a little bit of life and shields at the beginning of your turn. There's no indicator for it at the moment though.

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