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Hello? Ubisoft?

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Just played through large chunks of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, and it's funny, it really is. I guess nobody at Ubisoft reads my journal (shock!) because the game's biggest problem is what I identified as the previous game's biggest problem - the camera system.

I played through as far as the big troll creature, and when I died, gave up and quit. The camera system had - with near 100% consistancy - used shots that showed the monster behind me while I was running away from it (instead of where I'm going), and shots that looked down vertically on me when I was trying to run up the wall. Yeah, that makes it easy to judge when to jump and in which direction. Great one guys.

There's also the issue that I've mentioned here before - we don't have sticks on a PC. We have the arrow keys - a D-Pad (at best, 8 directions). The game does not play well with a D-Pad. It has serious problems, for example, when trying to run up a wall in a corner. It can't work out which wall you want to run up. Admittedly that's also partly due to the utterly braindead camera.

There are also some weird graphics and coldet issues (the AI really can't cope when a move of yours has ended up with you and an enemy standing in the same place i.e. overlapping), but I guess they'll be fixed before release.

If they only fix one thing before release, though, please change the costume on that first boss. She's easily skinned 50/50 flesh/clothing, and yet no number of the moves I make leave a mark on her - despite the fact that she leaves a scar on my face after just one swish. If you're going to make a boss that required 20 hits to kill, make it believable - give it armour or magical healing properties or something. Don't give me a semi-naked woman, watch me land a couple of hits on her, and then be surprised when I throw the controller across the room shouting "BULLSHIT!" (a la Ernest Adams).

If a French architect was designing a house, he could refer to it as a maison d'etre. (That's right, I can even pun in other languages).

I'm hoping this is just a really bad demo and that the game itself will be much better. Otherwise I won't touch the PC release with a 10 foot pole. The XBox release, perhaps.. but I do prefer to play games on PC. Plus I don't particularly want to give Ubisoft any money if they release a crap PC game.
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Someone is saying to a half-naked female boss?!?! [wow]
Yeah, but I agree with you from your description... it would probably be better if armor was worn, or damage details shown (thinking of Zorro...) [grin]

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Because I maintain that I shouldn't have to buy specialist hardware to play a game (or if it's necessary, the game should come with it). The keyboard and mouse are "the input devices" for PC, and anything which does not target them is clearly not a PC game.

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There you go...it's not a PC game, it's an XBox game that was easy enough to recompile and put in a slightly different box.

I'm wondering why you feel it's not worth buying as a PC game but is worthwhile as an XBox game? It seems to me that you have more problems with it than just the controller...

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True, but if I only bought perfect games, I'd have a very small collection [smile]

Eh, I'll see what people say about it when it comes out. All I was trying to do here was impart my first impressions of the game based on the demo.

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