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It looks like a game

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Been a busy few weeks at The YAR Project. Lots of traveling allowed me much time for reading. The book I used for my cross country flight was Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory.

It was in short a very curious read. I was able to understand the whole book and learned quite a bit, but I was left with a feeling of "Now what do I do?" Personally I suspect that this feeling is mostly because of where I am personally with my own development. I am still working SDL and simple 2D. I suspect that as I move to 3D more of the text will be relevant to me.

On the development front, I got quite a few more features done on the back end. I now have a simple INI file a means to change configurations without recompiling. I still need to play with some of the graphic elements for layout, but for the most part everything looks nice. The next big step is creating AI for the NPCs. In this case the classic ghosts for Pac-Man.

There are two parts with this step. First is to figure out how the AI logic for each of the Ghosts then second figuring out how to implement that Logic though external scripting using Python. The latter is the more interesting challenge for me. That is what will pushing my understanding of programing. Also it is sort of the last major programing function that I have not tackled yet.

Unfortunately, the next two weeks for me include quite a bit of traveling, so I am not sure how much direct progress will be made. Of course this means more reading time, but not much to show for it all.
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I think that when starting out a substantial project like this with very little game development experience, the best thing to do is to make a grab for every third-party solution within your reach.

My biggest mistake (so far) with the development of my game/engine Citizen was that I initially was very reluctant to use what others had made, and went straight to the core APIs myself. Now, close to two wall-clock-years into development I am only beginning to see some gameplay coming out the other end, and that is only because I came around and realized that if I was going to do all those cool systems myself I was looking at 5-10 years before release.

Don't know if this applies to you though, but it seems to me that your project is a bit more advanced than Tetris and I understand you're doing it alone. I'm telling you because I'd love to see this kind of a game finished, and even more I'd hate to see you burn yourself out on technicalities.

Cheers and good luck!

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