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Been a while what am I up to?

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Well it has been a while since I last post. I recently have purchased a PS3. What a amazing machine I think it trounces the XBox 360 in a lot of ways from pure performance to graphical quality. Not to mention I have not purchased one game that was a disappointment. So I have been tied up playing catch up on some of the latest rave games. You know like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed, Heavy Rain, Demon's Souls, Final Fantasy XIII, Resonance of Fate, and soon many many more.

Out of all those my favorite has to be Heavy Rain. I have never in my life played a game that has brought out real morals and emotions out of me. Until now. If you want to know what kind of person you are get a PS3 and play that damn game. I really really hope we start to see this kind of innovation in the future. I think it really takes games up to a new level closer to what modern film making is doing today.

On another note I have also been hammering my computer hard drive lately. Most of Gamedev knows me as a *nix loving freak. I really really do love my linux and I have been hammering down all the latest distros to see where I will settle down. That is one main flaw of Linux in general so many distros to choose from until I found this little gem. The one distro I have been looking for all these years of hopping. It goes by the name of Arch Linux.

Arch is the kind of distro for people who have been using linux for a long time and are not afraid of touching configuration files by hand without all the GUI perks. Once you get a base install done you have nothing except the core of linux and a flashy cursor. From there you can do your hearts desire.

Arch is not the first distro to do this. In Slackware this is possible and Gentoo as well. The main difference of Arch is its amazing package system known as Pacman. Full dependency resolution and when you need to compile something you can use the very nice bash based scripting system to resolve dependencies when you run a build. Much more flexible and less time consuming then Gentoo for sure.

For me I have never been a huge fan of Gnome or KDE. Usually I always used XFCE or Gnome if I absolutely had to. However, thanks to the arch community I finally found what I was looking for. I have been using a Tile based window manager known as wmii. Screen Shots are present there. I am a big fan of using the terminal and multitasking lots of apps at once and wmii is perfect for this. Not to mention fully controlled via the keyboard. Yes you can still use the mouse if you have to. This window manger allows me to easily manage and move around windows with a few key presses making it excellent for programmers running linux. This way you can have a browser, terminals, emacs, web browser, music, and your other favorite apps going all at once without a cluttered up screen.

Last but not finally I have been looking for a programming language to dabble in. I am always looking for new languages that can give me new incites to problem solving. I could careless if I use the language full time at any point but every knew language learned is new knowledge gained if it is different enough from the other languages you already know.

I found Lisp. Yes I know Gamedev has a notorious reputation for Lisp being mentioned and flames following. I don't care. I picked up a copy of Practical Common Lisp and I am hacking my way through it. I must say at first the syntax will scared the shit out of me. But I said this is good for me to learn and pushed through the first 3 chapters so far and it has already grown on me. I like it.

That is all for know feels good to post again.
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You chose an excellent language to learn. Lisp (or Scheme; my poison of choice) is a wonderful language to help broaden your horizons as a programmer. Just pick an editor with parentheses matching. [grin]

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Luckily my poison of choice works with my suicidal editor of choice.

Emacs + Slime = Total Win. The shear brilliance and simplicity of the Lisp syntax allows Slime to quite literally smart indent based off of the most used formatting conventions. Not to mention you can re-indent whole code blocks with one key binding. Oh and did I mention you can auto complete your Superfluous Parenthesis with one key binding as well. This and much much more makes it the best major mode I have ever used.

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