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I'm getting a new computer :)

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Today i ordered a desktop from dell it should be here in a few days i'm mostly glad because of the following -

- it can plays dvds

- it has a 17" monitor

- it can hold vc++.net(unlike this computer)

- it comes with a trial version of paint shop pro

- it comes with a free printer

- its like a billion times faster than this computer
can't wait till it gets here [smile].
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Hate to break it too you but...
  • it comes with a 17" monitor
  • it can run VC++.NET
  • the "free" printer is worked into the price
  • it's not a billion times faster. Probably more like several hundred~or a thousand...

Anyway, what are the rest of the stats? [grin]

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-80 gigabyte hardrive
-580 megabyte of ram
and i said 17" screen because the computer i'm using now only has 9"screen and i said it can hold vc++ because my computer only has 81megabytes of memory left.

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See? The learning experience! Priceless! :P

About the only good thing about a manufactured PC over one you build yourself is that you can finance it. I'm still saving up money for all my parts.

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