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Avatar Man

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So we just finished our first game with avatars, called Avatar Man:

It's a pacman-like game where you must press each tile in a labyrinth while avoiding enemy avatars. Here's a
">video of the game in action. The video was taken on a PC, where you can't display Xbox avatars, but thankfully Ubergeek wrote an avatar wrapper class that amongst other things displays the avatars as skeletons on the PC.

This is the first game I completed where I didn't try to come up with an original concept. It's not a straightforward pacman clone, since the enemies move in preset patterns and there are special titles that when pressed alter the enemies' behaviour (either making them fast or releasing them from their patterns). In fact, it feels more like a hide-and-seek game than a pacman game.

It's also my first completed 3D game. There is still a lot of stuff I don't understand well about shaders, lighting, etc. The most complicated part was the effect that morphs textures as you walk over the tiles. This was done using a shader adapted from a couple of Creators Club examples.

As for the art, my brother did all the textures for the walls and floors.

If you want to give it a try and you have a Creators Club account, Avatar Man is in playtest now.
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