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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone, it has been quite some time since I last posted a journal entry, but if you thought that I've just been sitting on my laurels and not doing any game programming, well you'd be almost completely right...

As every hobbyist game developer has experienced, real life often fails to be very conducive to any game programming or developing, and the past year has been no exception for me. But I'm sure no one really wants to know all the details, they just want to see the progress that Prinz Eugn and I have been (slowly) making on our latest project, so without further adieu...

The Latest
Given our busy RL schedules, Prinz Eugn and I decided from the start that A2X would be a long term project with limited scope. We really just wanted to make a fun little game with one or two levels so we could do all the cool things that never made it into our previous games. We're well on our way to accomplishing that goal, and its about time we released some sort of demo in order to see how playable it actually is, and (more importantly) how well it runs on other computers. We're titling the release "Angels 2X: Block Zero", after the naming convention used by the U.S. military for its combat aircraft. "Block numbers" can are essentially the military aviation equivalent of a version number (ie. F-16C Block 52 is more modern than an F-16C Block 32). So A2X: Block Zero represent the very first public iteration of the game.

What's in it?
Block Zero represents the bare bones of the engine, and we're using it to gauge the performance of the new game on other machines before we get too far ahead of ourselves. You can expect:

1. A flyable airplane
2. 4+ weapons to test (from guns to guided missiles)
3. One level to do with as you please
4. Rudimentary enemies to destroy
5. Destroyable structures (Collapsing skyscrapers, tool sheds, etc.)
6. One Fire Support unit (B-52 strike)

What's NOT in it?
There's plenty of stuff left on our to-do list before we reach "Block 1", but its all subject to change based on RL and whatnot, but here's what we'd like to have in the game before we make our first "official" release.

1. More offensive units (ie. Surface to Air Missiles, Flak, Tanks, etc)
2. Full mission scripting
3. More player weapons
4. You get the idea....

When can we expect it?
While the game is pretty much in the state we need it to be in, there is still a few things that need to be done before we push it out the door, like a rudimentary menu. These should hopefully be done in a week or two, so hopefully we'll have it out there by then...

Now that that's out of the way, here's a few cool things you can look forward to once we put the finishing touches on Block Zero:

Smoke Markers
Anyone who played Command and Conquer will recognize the smoke markers that we put into A2X. They are fired as rockets, but upon striking the ground, they begin emitting colored smoke rather than explode. This seems pretty useless... until the B-52 flies over the marked location and bombs it back into the stone age....

Unsuspecting Trucks...

Innocent Orange Smoke...


Collapsing Skyscrapers
Pretty much everything in the game can be destroyed, and the larger buildings blow up real gude...



Go really fast
We tried to bring all the cool parts of flying fighter jets (everything?) into A2X, and that includes going reaalllly fast and seeing the compression waves:

for comparison

As you can see, even though the game is pretty bare bones, there's still a ton of stuff to do, and hopefully you guys'll have fun with it and it won't break too bad...

Well thats all for now, I'll try and keep you guys updated on the progress as we get closer to letting you guys play with our baby...

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